Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Complete Warranty Protection for Your Floors

At Serenity Floor, our commitment is to offer top-notch flooring products tailored to diverse needs. We are proud to present flooring that not only boasts beauty and durability but also instills confidence in our customers. Every flooring choice comes with a comprehensive warranty, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality and customer contentment. Opting for Serenity Floor means more than choosing a flooring solution; it means investing in a dependable, enduring, and chic enhancement for your space, with the added assurance that your decision is safeguarded.

Engineered Hardwood

Serenity Floor (“Manufacturer”) extends a warranty to the original buyer (“Buyer”) that the goods are free from manufacturing defects for the duration of your homeownership…

SPC Floor

Serenity Floor products are protected by a warranty period starting from the purchase date by
the Installer or End User…

Laminate Floor

Serenity Floor ensures that its flooring is free of visual defects. Customers or installers are advised to meticulously inspect each piece before installation…